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View the Holy Torah in your personal space!

Torah Scroll

A gorgeous work of art

This is a work of art that presents the Torah, the scrolls containing the Five Books of Moses.
It is a very fine work of art and I have not seen another work similar to it.
I felt a compelling need one day to do this and asked my good friend and rabbi, Rabbi Hillel Skolnik, if he would allow me to do this using the South Orlando Jewish Center Torah and he gave me permission.

The natural inclination is to view this as simply a very nice work of art, but it is much more than that.  It hangs prominently in my home as a roadmap showing me the path to my spirituality and a reminder of my spiritual being.
It has provided me with the wonderful inner feeling of receiving an ‘Aliyah’ every time I walk by.  It reminds me that I am a child of the Good Lord above.

These scrolls are opened to the parshah (hebrew reference to a section of the Torah) Terumah, which describes the detailed instructions for the configuration and construction of the Tabernacle.

I suggest that you purchase this not as a work of art, which it is, but as an extremely spiritual piece of your religious existence.